Over 100 new doctorates conferred in Winter Conferment Ceremony

30 January 2018

The cannon salute marking the Conferment Ceremony is a tradition that dates back to the early 1800s. In the morning of the Conferment Ceremony, cannon salutes are fired from below Uppsala Castle.

More than 100 new doctorates and 22 honorary doctorates were conferred and several prizes and medals awarded at the grand Winter Conferment Ceremony in the Grand Auditorium.

The Conferment Ceremony is a ceremony for all who have completed their PhDs during the year. The people of Uppsala recognise the day because cannon salutes are fired in the morning and during the actual ceremony.

In the ceremonial conferment act, the new PhDs receive their symbols of honour: a ring, a diploma, and a hat or laurel wreath. At the Winter Conferment Ceremony, honorary doctorates are awarded to distinguished individuals from Sweden and abroad. Also, prizes and distinctions are awarded to deserving recipients.

The Conferment Ceremony in the Grand Auditorium starts at 12:00 with the entry procession and welcoming words by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eva Åkesson. The festivities continue into the evening, with a banquet in the Hall of State at Uppsala Castle for the new PhDs, honorary doctors, prize winners, relatives and invited guests.

Programme for the Winter Conferment Ceremony 26 January 2018

Honorary doctors

This title is conferred upon individuals who have done outstanding academic work or in some other way promoted research at the University. The honorary doctorate originated at Uppsala in 1839, when the poet P D A Atterbom – professor of aesthetics and modern literature – as the promotor, or conferring officer, managed to have an honorary Master’s degree awarded to an individual. Honorary doctors are selected by the faculties.

All the new honorary doctors 2018

Many of the honorary doctors also hold public lectures organised by the faculties, in connection with the Conferment Ceremony. List of all public lectures by the 2018 honorary doctors.

Prizes and awards conferred during the Conferment Ceremony

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