New educational and research initiatives with increased funding

27 April 2018

Several new study programmes and research initiatives are under way. The Vice-Chancellor has decided how to use the University’s increased funding. The extra funds are being invested, for example, in programmes on industrial management, digital humanities, Russian studies and medical imaging.

“We’re making some strategic and important investments for the future, in new programmes that are in demand from both students and the labour market. In research, we’re focusing on working life,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

In the 2018 budget bill, the University’s appropriations rose by SEK 17 million for undergraduate and master education, and by SEK 27 million for postgraduate research and education. After drafting work by the disciplinary domain boards, the Vice-Chancellor has now announced the allocation decisions.

On the education side, the University is investing in a university diploma programme in biomedical engineering, a master programme in industrial management and various other new master programmes. Fields for the latter include digital humanities, Russian studies, innovative medicine and medical imaging.

On the research side, strategic investments are being made in working life research and various other research programmes. In addition, the faculties given an extended remit for education (the Faculties of Law and Educational Sciences) will receive larger block grants.