This year’s Gustaf Adolf Medal recipients named

7 March 2018

Three gold and four silver Gustaf Adolf Medals were awarded to employees at Uppsala University.

The medals can be awarded to a person who has been a dean for a very long time, a department head who initiated and managed significant activities and to individuals who conducted very significant studies or the like of a broad scope or duration.

The medals are awarded by the University Board after preparation in the its elected council.

Gustaf Adolf Medal of gold:

Göran Alderborn, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology, is being rewarded for his research in the field of pharmaceutical formulation and for extensive leadership efforts, as the Head of the Department of Pharmacy, Deputy Vice-Rector of the Disciplinary Domain for Medicine and Pharmacy and the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Göran Alderborn’s leadership efforts have been characterised by expertise, administrative skill and commitment.

Margaretha Fahlgren, Professor of Literature, has combined research on gender issues in literature and culture with extensive leadership roles. As the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, she pushed through the creation of Engelska Parken at a common campus. As the Vice-Rector for the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, she contributed to the merger with Campus Gotland, among other things. She has also led the work in the project on the Humanities Theatre. Margaretha Fahlgren has been active in her leadership roles and contributed to the university’s development.

Michael Thuné, as the Head of the Department of Information Technology, has contributed to the development of the department for many years, with a collegial leadership characterised by transparency in decisions and open and accessible information channels that make the employees feel secure and listened to. Michael Thuné has been involved in gender equality work for many years, as a member and chair of the faculty gender equality committee and as an advisor to the Vice-Chancellor. With his unshakable calm and friendly and generous attitude, he is a role model for many.

Gustaf Adolf Medal of silver:

Marianne Andersson, Academy Ombudsman and later Chief Legal Officer at Uppsala University Innovation, is being rewarded for her many years of work to support the university and its leadership in legal matters. She has also managed donation matters and made significant contributions as the director of the university’s riding activities.

Björn Gembert  has made major contributions in the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, as the Deputy and Acting Administrative Director, as the Faculty Programme Director for nearly two decades and before that as a teach in the subject of quaternary geology. Björn has extensive knowledge in the area of education and a professional approach, and always looks after the best interests of the university. He has thereby created great respect for his deeds and confidence within the faculty and is a role model in the university administration.

Ingrid Henriksson, Section Director, has worked at the university administration for more than 40 years. Her efforts have been characterised by responsibility, objectivity and in-depth knowledge. Alongside her ordinary duties, she served as a mentor for both employees and academic leaders. She has thereby been a hub of competence and a bridge in an operation under constant change. Friendliness, expertise and subject knowledge have been hallmarks of her deeds.

Physician and Associate Professor Lars Jonsson has built up the university’s function for commercialisation, business collaboration and research utilisation. He was UU Innovation’s first director and has been the CEO for Uppsala University’s holding company, UUAB, since its founding in 1998. After 20 years of having invested in 93 new companies, UUAB is financially strong with more than SEK 70 million in equity. The holding companies’ 50 portfolio companies took in more than SEK 1 billion from other investors. Lars Jonsson has established UUI and UUAB as vital parts of Uppsala’s well-functioning innovation system, and has thereby contributed to the university’s knowledge base benefiting society.

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