First step toward housing guarantee

19 November 2010

Uppsala University pledges to try to arrange a housing guarantee for fee-paying students as of autumn 2011. The decision is important to ensure recruitment of international students. But it is also a first step toward a housing guarantee for all new students, according to University Director Ann Fust.

At the start of the autumn 2010 semester students at Uppsala University faced a severe housing shortage. It was especially difficult for international students to find a place to live. As of autumn 2011, registration and tuition fees will be introduced for students who are not citizens of the EU, EEA countries, or Switzerland. Now Vice Chancellor Anders Hallberg has made a decision to try to arrange guaranteed housing for applicants in this new group.

The decision, which involves setting up necessary contracts with the municipality and other actors in order to offer the housing guarantee, is important to ensure international recruitment of students to Uppsala University.

“But it is also a first step to establishing a housing guarantee for all students who come to the new city. This is being done in close collaboration with the municipality of Uppsala, the student nations, and other actors on the housing market,” says Ann Fust, university director.