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Uppsala University dissertations 1602–1855 being digitized

Press release
11 May 2015

More than 2,000 dissertations from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries have been digitized and made searchable and readable online. They are accessible as images and full text files in the DiVA system, Uppsala University´s repository for research publications.

The Uppsala University Library aims to digitize all 14,000 printed dissertations published at Uppsala University between 1602 and 1855.

Dissertations provide scholars in the field of history of science and ideas with a summary of the status of a certain subject matter in Sweden at different points in time. The material is also frequently used by historians of other fields, such as history of literature and history of religion, and the language used is studied by scholars of classical languages and Scandinavian languages, among others. There is also a social dimension of the dissertations worthy of attention, as they mirror social networks in the educated stratum of Sweden.

The professors who acted as supervisors sometimes authored the dissertations themselves and thus they are generally treated as authors in the catalogues. The students’ names come second.

Here are a few examples:

P.D.A Atterbom (aesthetics and belles-lettres)

Erik Gustaf Geijer (history)

Carl Peter Thunberg (botany)

Read more about the project at the University Library website.

Please send any questions about the project and the dissertations to Anna Fredriksson, librarian at Uppsala University Library and PhD in latin, Tel.: + 46 70 425 09 48.

Questions about older dissertations in general: Peter Sjökvist, librarian at Uppsala University Library and associate professor of latin, Tel.: + 46 70 425 06 95.