The University

Alumni events in Shanghai and Beijing

4 November 2014

All the participants at the Shanghai alumni event.

During the last week of October, Uppsala University arranged two events for its alumni in China. First an alumni dinner in Shanghai in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Nordic Centre at Fudan University, and the following week another event in Beijing.

In Shanghai more than 60 people signed up for the dinner where Professor Leif Kirsebom, special adviser to the Vice-Chancellor on International affairs, was the host. In Beijing over 20 alumni participated in the luncheon held at Dali Courtyard Restaurant on 1 November.

These events are natural get-togethers for alumni that have once studied or done research at Uppsala University. At the University we are truly greatful for the support we get from our alumni, they are our best ambassadors abroad. Many of the alumni also expressed that these meetings are very good for connecting with other UU alumni that they have not met before.

Thomas Fredengren, head of Alumni, Fundraising and the Academy Stewards Office at Uppsala University was pleased that so many showed up for the events, but hopes that more alumni will update their profile in the Uppsala University Alumni system, especially their contact details and postal address.

‘Currently it is like a big search operation every time we arrange an event for our alumni overseas. Many alumni are still registered as living at their student address in Uppsala. They risk not receiving invitations to events abroad.’