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Winners of the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Awards selected

23 May 2017

Susanne S:t Clair Renard received the news that she had won the Distinguished Teaching Award via video link from Uppsala, and was congratulated by Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson.

This year’s Distinguished Teaching Award winners at Uppsala University teach subjects in the history of science and ideas, law, medicine and earth sciences. The Free Distinguished Teaching Award goes to Malin Löfstedt at the Department of Theology for her commitment and innovative work relating to ethical expertise in theology and teacher education.

The recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards are selected from nominations made by students and colleagues. The selection is made by the Vice-Chancellor after proposals from a preparatory committee consisting of two teachers and two students from four different nomination fields. “Teachers who actively develop their educational skills and their teaching are crucial for Uppsala University’s ability to offer education of the highest quality.

 It is both pleasing and important that we, through the Distinguished Teaching Award, can recognise and reward some of our very best teachers,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg, chair of the preparatory committee.

The awards will be conferred at the inauguration of professors in November. The prize sum is SEK 20,000.

Award winners and citations:

Theology, humanities and educational sciences:

Senior Lecturer Jenny Beckman at the Department of History of Science and Ideas has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award in Theology, Humanities and Educational Sciences.

Beckman inspires her students. Through her teaching she contributes novel and valuable links between the fields of humanities and natural sciences, giving the students new knowledge and skills. Using specific teaching techniques she also engages students in recent research. Her ability in seminars to thematise and develop all kinds of student reflections into productive discussion contributions deserves particular mention.

Law and social sciences:

Senior Lecturer Susanne S:t Clair Renard at the Department of Law has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award in Law and Social Sciences.

S:t Clair Renard has become the face of law at Campus Gotland. With her commitment she motivates first-year law students and her positive attitude makes students feel hope even when things get tough. Her pedagogical and thought-out teaching leaves few uncertainties. S:t Clair Renard encourages all students to express their opinions, promotes discussions and an ethical approach. Her enthusiasm and interest in the subject rubs off on the students.

Medicine and pharmacy:

Senior Lecturer Martin Wohlin at the Department of Medical Sciences has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award in Medicine and Pharmacy.

Wohlin has contributed through different pedagogical strategies to the development of clinical teaching in the Medicine Programme, especially in emergency medicine – efforts that are appreciated by the students. Wohlin has also worked with interprofessional teaching, and development and quality assurance of student participation, which has resulted in an ASPIRE certification for the Medicine Programme. Wohlin’s achievements are of the highest international class and he actively participates in conferences and international networks.

Mathematics, natural sciences and technology:

Senior Lecturer Magnus Hellqvist at the Department of Earth Sciences has been awarded the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology.

Hellqvist is passionate about teaching and capturing students. His interaction with students and ability to laugh makes learning fun. His teaching includes stimulating challenges and developing feedback. Inspired by student feedback, teaching and learning in higher education and subject didactics, Hellqvist continuously works to improve the programme and the learning environment, particularly in field work. As programme coordinator he strives to create a programme where all students are given great opportunities to develop and become prepared for the future.

The Free Distinguished Teaching Award:

Senior Lecturer Malin Löfstedt at the Department of Theology has been awarded the 2017 Free Distinguished Teaching Award on the theme “Teaching that develops ethical expertise”.

Löfstedt has worked with issues of ethical expertise in theology and teacher education in a committed and innovative way. Together with colleagues and students she has developed the form and structure of ethics teaching. Through problem- and dilemma-based learning the students are taught in a way that is connected to both research and contemporary society. Löfstedt also excels at handling difficult questions regarding different ethical systems and traditions.