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Training programme for newly arrived pharmacists shortens the road to the labour market

8 September 2017

In early September, 33 newly arrived trained pharmacists from 12 countries will begin a supplementary training programme that will facilitate the path to the Swedish labour market. The programme is tailored to provide participants with the knowledge required for Swedish conditions in particular.

“This is a good and carefully developed programme that is going to give a group of well-trained people a path to work, while simultaneously meeting a need from the labour market,” says course director Shima Momeni at Uppsala University.

Swedish certification is required to work as a pharmacist or prescriptionist in Swedish health and medical care, for example at a pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or clinic. Uppsala University has extensive experience with supplementary training programmes in the pharmaceutical field and, along with the University of Gothenburg, was tasked by the government last year with developing and arranging a supplementary training programme for pharmacists and prescriptionists.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University has worked intensively to customise the supplementary training programme, which will give participants the knowledge required for Swedish conditions specifically.

Participation requires sufficient knowledge of Swedish and English, as well as an approved degree from the home country. On Monday, 16 women and 17 men will begin the programme. It is largely completed via distance learning, with a few meetings in Uppsala, and includes among other things:

  • supplementary pharmaceutical science
  • pharmaceutical communication
  • drug therapy in Sweden
  • drugs in Swedish society

Towards the end of the programme, participants will also have a six-month clinical training at a pharmacy.

Completing the programme is one of two paths to Swedish certification; the other is passing a comprehensive test, which was also developed by Uppsala University.

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