Grants for research in health, working life and welfare

23 October 2017

Forte – the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare – has decided to award SEK 302 million in grants to 89 research projects. Uppsala University is receiving nearly SEK 31.5 million in grants for nine projects.

A total of 1,247 applications were received for Forte’s annual open call for proposals for project grants, junior research grants and postdoc grants in health, working life and welfare. This is an increase compared with last year when 1,158 applications were received.

“The needs for research in our areas are great and it is therefore pleasing that even more have shown an interest in our call this year. Through new research and knowledge, society can be developed and meet the many challenges we are facing. It will therefore be exciting to follow these projects and study their research findings in the future,” says Cecilia Beskow, Head of Research and Evaluation at Forte.

Uppsala University has received grants for the following nine projects:

  • Clara Iversen, Department of Sociology: Making sense of suicide: communicative suicide prevention based on help-seekers’ and volunteers’ meaning making on a suicide helpline, SEK 3,720,000
  • Birgitta Essén, Department of Women’s and Children’s Health: The role of values for equity in sexual and reproductive health: clinical encounters as contentious space in a multicultural society, SEK 5,130,000
  • Karl Michaëlsson, Uppsala Clinical Research Centre (UCR): How much vitamin D is needed for an optimal health?, SEK 4,130,000
  • Inna Feldman, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences: Can a strengthened health promotion strategy for children and parents contribute to population health?, SEK 3,030,000
  • Liisa Byberg, Department of Surgical Sciences: The influence of milk and dairy products on health, SEK 3,430,000
  • Jan Ottosson, Department of Economic History: The movement of white collar unions and the emergence of employment transition agreements in the Swedish Model, SEK 1,957,000
  • Teresia Nyman, Department of Medical Sciences: Time patterns of physical load, performance and musculoskeletal disorders. A longitudinal study of male and female string players, SEK 3,030,000
  • Pär Nyman, Department of Government: The Politics of Public Investment, SEK 3,530,000
  • Georg Graetz, Department of Economics: The Causes and Consequences of Occupational Decline, SEK 3,430,000