New honorary doctors at Faculty of Arts

16 October 2013

County Custodian of Antiquities Håkan Liby and researcher Robert Pippin have been chosen to receive honorary doctorates from the Uppsala University Faculty of Arts.

Håkan Liby, in his research on traditional dress, has focused on the population in areas of great mobility, a group that is seldom highlighted in research into traditional apparel. The clothing of this group differed from that of peasants in more tradition-bound areas, and Liby created the expression “folk fashion” to describe it as separate category alongside traditional dress and fashionable dress. The category has gained more and more acceptance in the research community and represents a very important addition to the conceptual world of the research field. The more differentiated picture of the culture of traditional dress that he has contributed to constitutes an important platform for today's research on traditional textiles. Throughout his career Liby has kept one leg in the academic world, not least at Uppsala University. Through his commitment and his capacity to bring things to life and generate enthusiasm, he has expanded the views of a new generation of museum people and researchers in the field of textiles.

Robert Pippin is a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago in the US. He applies both the breadth and depth of his research to current problems in several spheres within philosophy: epistemology, history of philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, and political philosophy. He has made major contributions to the renewal of the subject. With his conceptual and historical insights Pippin has investigated some of the most contentious and serious issues of our time, such the origin and legitimacy of values, the relation between thought and value, and the role of knowledge and learning in modern society. He has managed to subvert conventional interpretations of major thinkers, especially Hegel, but he has also shown how these interpretations help to answer topical philosophical issues.