New honorary doctors at the Faculty of Arts

13 October 2014

British historian Amanda Vickery has been named honorary doctor at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Arts.

The British historian Amanda Vickery and the Gotland historian Åke G. Sjöberg have been named as new honorary doctors at Uppsala University’s.

Amanda Vickery is a professor vid Queen Mary, University of London. With a combination of innovative research and broadcast presentations, she has deepened knowledge of early modern cultural history. Her research interests, in ‘the history of British society and culture, gender and family, words and objects’ (as she herself describes them), especially Georgian England, range widely. Vickery’s extensive scholarly production has inspired a whole generation of Swedish historians to study the material and social aspects of everyday life. In writing and presenting several hit BBC2 and BBC Radio 4 programmes with her characteristic empathy, passion and gift for explaining major social change through domestic detail, she has become a familiar face.

Åke G. Sjöberg, who has a licentiate degree in economic history, is a resident of Visby, Gotland. Throughout his life, with great and lively dedication, he has played a significant part in broadening and conveying knowledge of Gotland’s history and cultural heritage. As a lecturer and writer, he has proved himself a true educator. As a lecturer at what is now Campus Gotland, part of Uppsala University, but was formerly the independent Gotland University, he became a popular guide to students with an interest in history and culture. His numerous publications, both academic and popular, witness to his wide-ranging life’s work as a researcher.