Increased funding for international initiative against antibiotic resistance

22 January 2016

The Swedish Research Council has decided to back two international projects following the 2015 call for proposals from JPIAMR (Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance) which supports research on new applications of antibiotics. One of the projects will be carried out at Uppsala University.

The ambition of JPIAMR is for different countries to coordinate their resources, infrastructures and national expertise for research on antibiotic resistance. The aim is to give rise to multinational research collaborations with greater potential to limit the spread of bacterial infections than any one nation can achieve on their own.

JPIAMR has decided to fund three consortiums. Two of these have two Swedish participants each. Swedish Research Council financial backing for the four Swedish participants amounts to SEK 14.9 million to be paid out from 2015–2017.

One of the projects – CO-ACTION: Developing combinations of CO-ACTIVE antimicrobials and non-antimicrobials – is run by two researchers at Uppsala University, who will receive a grant of SEK 9.3 million.

  • Lena Friberg, Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
  • Thomas Tängdén, Department of Medical Sciences

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