Three UU researchers granted positions by the Swedish Cancer Society

11 March 2016

The Swedish Cancer Society has decided to award Anna Dimberg, Patrick Micke and Marika Nestor grants for research positions. Researchers from the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology (IGP) have thereby been awarded three of the total eleven positions awarded in this year’s call for application.

Anna Dimberg has received a Senior Investigator Award, which means financing of a position as researcher for six years. Anna Dimberg’s research focuses on how blood vessels affect the development of the severe brain tumour form glioblastoma.

‘It’s extremely stimulating and a great honour to have been awarded a Senior Investigator Award! With this grant, and the fantastic research environment that we have at IGP, we now have the best possibilities to perform new exciting research on the role of blood vessels in tumour progression and cancer therapy. I’m indeed awfully happy!’

Patrick Micke’s research concerns the role of the immune system in lung cancer, and which patients benefit from new, efficient immune therapies. He is now awarded a Senior Clinical Investigator Award – a six-year clinical researcher position at 70 per cent.

‘I’m very happy to get this opportunity to focus more intensely on lung cancer research, which we have successfully performed here in Uppsala for many years. Lung cancer is the most deadly cancer form, which unfortunately often does not get enough attention and support. Financial support for clinical research is a very good signal by the Swedish Cancer Society.’

Marika Nestor has received a position as Junior Investigator for six years. Her research concerns new ways to treat head and neck cancer.

‘I’m extremely happy and proud to have been awarded a Junior Investigator Award. This research position will allow me to focus on improving diagnostics and therapy for squamous-cell carcinoma, by using new targeting agents.’

The Head of Department at IGP, Karin Forsberg Nilsson, is also very pleased with the grants to the Department’s researchers.

‘It’s very inspiring that the Swedish Cancer Society has chosen to support both clinical and basic cancer research at IGP. This is needed to create future cancer therapies and shows that IGP has strong research in both areas.’

In addition to the three grants to IGP researchers, the Swedish Cancer Society has granted eight researchers positions as junior investigators, clinical junior investigator and post docs. This year, in total 56 researchers will have their positions funded by the Swedish Cancer Society.


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