Application for degree certificate

On account of the change of student administration systems, from Uppdok to Ladok, the Studentportal for application for degrees is closed. From 11 October it will be possible to apply for a degree, in the new portal.

Degree diplomas and/or course certificates are documents that show that you fulfil the stipulations for a certain type of degree or course.

Degrees and certificates are issued by the Graduation Office upon request. The Degree certificate is issued in Swedish and English and is free of charge.

The university where you studied the last course, which is included in the degree, is the university that is supposed to issue the degree certificate. The degree certificate also includes a description of the degree in English, which is called a Diploma Supplement (see example of how a Diploma Supplement can look like).

Note! If you apply for a Master's degree and have a Bachelor's degree awarded from a  non Swedish university you must show your original Bachelor's degree certificate at the Graduation Office before applying for the degree certificate. Visiting hours.