With your student account you get a personal email address where the university sends information about your studiesSince January 2017 all students at Uppsala University are offered an Office 365 Education account including Microsoft’s email service.

Your email is hosted by via Office 365 Education, where you receive an inbox with 50 GB of email space. Just visit  using any device and log on with user ID and your Password A.

You can also configure your email in different ways. You can for example configure an autoreply or set up email forwarding if you want to keep using your old Gmail, Hotmail or other email services.

When you configure other email client you need to use the instructions for Exchange account settings. You cannot use the instructions for pop, imap or as these ways to connect are not supported in our Office 365 Education, even though you will find such instructions on Microsoft support web.

For help about the configuration and services, please visit Microsoft’s help pages:

The transition from the old email system to Office 365 Education takes place gradually and automatically without the students having to do anything. All old mails and folders will be moved to the new service. Students who have email forwarding configured today will receive the same email forwarding with Office 365 Education. You will keep your address and log on to the account with user ID and password A.