New Ladok will be introduced in October 2018

In October our present documentation system for study results, Uppdok, will be replaced by an updated version called New Ladok. It is a national documentation system for study results that is currently being introduced at many Swedish universities.

What effects will the introduction of New Ladok have?

During the transition to New Ladok, which will happen between 27 September and 8 October 2018, it will not be possible to register any new information or results in any study related administrative system at Uppsala University. The function Course registrations in the Student portal will close on 24 September. It will not be possible to register for courses, report study results or administer other related matters, such as approved leave from studies, between 27 September and 8 October. It is therefore of utmost importance that you register for the courses and programmes that you will be taking in Autumn 2018 in time!

The Student portal will have limited functionality during this time period. However, for most of the time period you will access course and programme pages including all material and the existing functions, but there will be times when the Student portal will be completely closed. Your department and teachers will be informed on this and adapt to these temporary changes. As soon as the exact dates are confirmed, information will be updated.

Exams will run as planned, but from 26 September you will not be able to see your current examination registrations or your individual anonymity codes for these exams.

Please note! Between 15 September and 8 October you will not be able to apply for a degree certificate.

CSN is informed that the system update will occur at Uppsala University during these weeks. Uppsala University is the 27th out of the 37 universities that are introducing this system update, which means that CSN is already well aware of the possible administrative setbacks that may occur during the process. They are prepared for manual registrations and reporting of results that may be necessary.

What change in routines will New Ladok mean to you as a student after the system update?

After 8 October you will see minor changes in the Student portal. A new tab called “My Ladok” has been added, where you among other things can find internet links to request national grade transcripts, change your postal address and make degree applications.

Aside from this, the Student portal will mostly function as before. The Student portal will continue to be your gateway to study related matters. You will continue to administer course registrations and examination registrations just as before. In the time period following the system update, the departments may experience a temporary but significant increase in their administration, which is why we kindly ask you to be understanding if some matters take a little longer time than usual.