New Uppsala University Scholarship recipients in Hong Kong and New York

19 December 2014

Anna Reibring and Karin Lind have been awarded Uppsala University’s scholarships at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and New York.

Two students, Anna Reibring and Karin Lind, have been awarded Uppsala University Scholarships to work in Hong Kong and New York. Reibring will take up the first of these Scholarships ever at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, while Lind will be the fourth holder of the Scholarship at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in New York.

Each of the scholarships, which are both funded by Uppsala University, involves the recipient working at the Chamber of Commerce concerned for a year.

‘This will be my first job in communication. It’s the perfect first job. It will be exciting to get an insider view of how Swedish and American businesses cooperate,’ says Karin Lind.

‘This position will involve contact with many small and medium-sized companies wanting to set up business in Asia. Coordinating them with events and other occasions will be fun,’ says Anna Reibring.

Both women are 24 years old and were born and brought up in Uppsala.

Reibring will complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics just before she travels to Hong Kong. There, she will work alongside a scholarship holder from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

She received the happy news about the scholarship when she visited Hong Kong in mid-November for the Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association’s Asia Week. She was also given the opportunity to visit the Chamber of Commerce and see her future workplace.

Lind already has her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Studies, and is currently studying on the Master Programme in Management, Communication and IT. She was surprised to receive news of the scholarship by telephone just a few days after the interview.

‘I was on my way into the kitchen when I got a call from New York,’ she says.

Last week she travelled there to receive her scholarship at a special reception. She also had an appointment for an induction with her predecessor, Ulrika Berg, who is leaving her job at New Year.

Both Anna Reibring and Karin Lind will take up their positions, in Hong Kong and New York respectively, at the end of January.