Borrow a hearing loop

21 January 2015

It is now possible for students and staff to borrow hearing loops on every campus, including when visitng the university administration at St. Olofsgatan 10 B.

A portable hearing loop is a wireless system that aids communication with hearing impaired people. The hearing loop operates by taking the sound directly from a sender and delivering it straight into the receiver’s ear. Background noises and blurring of the sound with distance are eliminated and the message is heard clearly.

In order for the system to work, the receiver must have hearing aid with a telecoil (T) mode. The majority of hearing aids today have this setting. The portable hearing loop is comprised of a cord that the receiver places around their neck and attaches to their hearing aid, as well as a microphone that works as the sender. A permanent loop cable is placed around the perimeter or floor of a room and transmits the magnetic signal from the sender to the hearing aid.

“This is a significant improvement for students and staff members with hearing impairments”, says Catrin Schulze, Disability Coordinator at Uppsala University. “If you have a hearing impairment it should not matter which room is used for a meeting or lecture. Audibility should be good regardless of the venue”. 

The main reception at your campus will be able to assist you and demonstrate how the portable hearing loops work.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact:

Catrin Schulze, Disability Coordinator