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24 March 2015

Uppsala’s most prestigious rowing race celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences compete for honour and glory on the waters of the Fyris River, on Saturday 30 May.

Uppsala Academic Rowing Race is open to students and employees at Uppsala’s two universities. The teams will compete in two different classes, one for students and one for employees, to be the fastest over 300 metres. All boats must be rowed by two men and two women. All teams will be offered training before the day of the races.

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The races start at 10:00 on Saturday 30 May, and the finals are scheduled for 15:00.

There is a limited number of places. To increase your chances of securing a place, register your team as soon as possible.

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The races are organised by Akademiska hus, Uppsala Academic Rowing Society, Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Campus 1477.