Uppsala University’s website among top 5 for education

24 March 2015

Since 1997, the Swedish magazine Internetworld has selected Sweden’s most modern, high-quality and original websites. This year Uppsala University’s website has been ranked among the top five for the category education.

100 websites are listed each year. 17 winners are selected for different categories, such as shopping, media, education, entertainment, travel, etc. The jury looks closely at what changes have been made since last year, content, connections to social media, and shape and form.

This year, mobility is one of the most important factors and the jury has put a lot of focus on the mobile experience. More and more people use their phones to surf the web, and today many websites have more visitors using their mobile than using regular computers.

Sweden’s best websites in education this year are all responsive to work well in mobiles.

Uppsala University placed among the top five, with the following citation:

‘While many larger universities feel stiff-legged and behind the times, Uppsala University sticks out as a pleasant surprise. Here we have a well-balanced mixture of information and inspiration, with an abundance of interesting reading. The site is responsive and dares to highlight and leave out. Among the social media where the university is active we find the Chinese micro blog Sina Weibo. Smart and foresighted!’