Celebrate Walpurgis Eve - ‘Sista april’ - in Uppsala

27 April 2015

We hope to see you at 3 o'clock by Carolina Rediviva on the last day of April!

This Thursday it is time for the largest student event of the year in Uppsala. The 30th of April, Walpurgis Eve – referred to as ‘Sista april’ or ‘Valborg’ in Swedish – is the celebration of spring arriving in Sweden. And the celebrations at Uppsala university are extra special. The day is filled with traditional activities. Here is a guide to this year's Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala.

Running the falls of the Fyris River
It is 40 years since the tradition of running the falls of the Fyris River started! As usual, a variety of imaginatively themed and manned vessels will try their luck in navigating the two falls and floating downstream through Uppsala on Walpurgis Eve. The two Uppsala engineering students who started the tradition 40 years ago will be piloting the lead boat.

‘Face in hole’ photo screens
Have you seen them already? There are two ‘face in hole’ photo screens with photos from olden days’ Walpugis Eve’s celebrations in front of the University Library Carolina Rediviva. Come by and take a picture and be part of a timeless Spring Celebration! Tag #sistaaprilUU #grundkurs1A.

The Donning of the Caps
Bring your student cap and join tens of thousands of others for the Donning of the Caps in front of the University Library. At exactly 15:00 on the last day of April, Uppsala University Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson waves her white cap from the library balcony, a signal to the masses below to don their white student caps and run down the hill toward town.

Walpurgis pins
Just before the Donning of the Caps by Carolina Rediviva we will be handing out the specially designed, collectable Walpurgis pins, starting at 14:45. There is a limited number of pins so make sure to be there on time to get your pin.

Jubilee pins
Have you collected all the pins between the years 2011–2015? Then you have the opportunity to receive this year’s exclusive jubilee pin. It will be handed out at the south east entrance of the University Main Building at 15:15–16:15 on 30 April and the Uppsala University Reception at S:t Olofsgatan 10 B between 4 May and 8 May.

Compete to experience a classic Walpurgis Eve 2016
If you have collected all five Walpurgis pins between 2011 and 2015 and collected this year’s exclusive jubilee pin, you have the chance to experience a classic ‘Sista april’ in 2016 along with a friend! To take part in the contest, write up to 200 words about why you and your friend should win the classic Walpurgis Eve experience for 2016. Read more about the contest.

Varannan vatten
During Walpurgis Eve this year, 62,400 water bottles will be handed out in the city, including at the Donning of the Caps at the University Library Carolina Rediviva. ‘Varannan vatten’ is a collaboration between Uppsala University, Kuratorskonventet, Uppsala kommun, Länsförsäkringar and Menigo.

Do you want to know more about Walpurgis Eve in Uppsala? Former Uppsala student Michael Tornving can run you through the day.

The entire programme for Walpurgis Eve.