Uppsala student received Global Swede award

25 May 2016

Uppsala student Fabían Martínez Ponce was among the 22 awarded the Global Swede award at the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

The Global Swede award recognises international students in Sweden who have excelled in areas relating to innovation and entrepreneurship. Fabían Martínez Ponce, a student in the Master Programme in Earth Sciences at Uppsala University, was among the 22 students to receive the award this year.

The Global Swede award is part of a long-term vision for building and strengthening relationships with international students in Sweden.  For the sixth year in a row, the award has been presented by the Ministry of Entreprise and Innovation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the Swedish Institute. The goal is to create a network to promote Swedish trade and benefit international and multicultural cooperation. Global Swede alumni are part of a wider network which currently comprises of around 13 000 people from 140 countries.

On 18 May during a ceremony at the State Department, the Minister of Enterprise, Oscar Stenström and Annika Rembe, the Director-General of the Swedish Institute, presented diplomas to 22 students from 17 different countries who are currently studying at various Swedish universities.

“International students are a valuable asset for both Sweden's development and future competitiveness. Apart from contributing to new knowledge and perspectives, they are also an important resource for building bridges between Sweden and abroad”, stated Oscar Stenström.

Fabían Martínez Ponce from Chile is currently studying the Master Programme in Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. He was one of students who received the award at the ceremony.

The award was presented to Fabían Martínez Ponce based on the following:

“Fabían Martínez Ponce, from Chile, is an outstanding Master's student. He has contributed significantly to his educational programme by actively participating in discussions and providing thoughtful feedback to fellow students. Fabían is an initiative-taker and often takes a leading role in organizing student activities. Socially, Fabían is a considerate and outgoing person who has adapted to Swedish culture and communicates well in Swedish: an excellent ambassador for Sweden!”

“I am very pleasantly surprised by this award and it is a great honor for me”, says Fabían Martínez Ponce.