Take a walk with a study counsellor!

21 June 2016

Walk and talk. (Arranged image).

Walk and talk.

Study and Career Counselling at Uppsala University are finding new paths. Join a professional counsellor on a "walk and talk", a stroll that focuses on your choice of studies and career.

– We were discussing this a number of weeks ago when it was nice weather. Why not try to give guidance when we walk? says Mikael Wångmar, study and career counsellor.

He works with seven counsellors at Uppsala University's Student Services Office at S:t Olofsgatan 10 B. The counsellors help students to make informed study and career choices. Guidance is held individually by telephone, by Skype or in a meeting room. But now the counsellors want to try new ways to hold the important conversations.

– Everyone is different. Some people think better when they are moving. Walking can make you relax.

 "Walk and Talk"
The University Park, University Main Building and Museum Gustavianum are next to the Student Services Office. Several of the university’s campuses are also nearby. 

– We have planned a walk that takes half an hour. We can take this opportunity to give a picture of Uppsala at the same time as we walk, says Mikael Wångmar.

Want to talk to a study and career counsellor? Book a “walk and talk” or a conventional guidance on www.uu.se/admissions/contact/study-and-career-counsellors/