Join us for Uppsala Culture Night 2016

8 September 2016

Exhibitions and lectures, Japanese martial arts, concerts and choirs, sounds of the rainforest, archaeology, dancing and poetry, and much much more. Uppsala University opens its doors for Uppsala Culture Night on 10 September. We invite all to come and enjoy the University’s rich cultural offerings.

Uppsala University’s full programme for Uppsala Culture Night, 10 September 2016

(May be subject to change.)


Uppsala University Hospital

19:00 Är Freud ute? (In Swedish) Grönwallsalen, entrance 70
A discussion between Birgitta Holm, Professor Emeritus of Literature and Anders Carlberg, psychotherapist and lecturer of psychology. In what way do Freud’s ideas exist in our everyday thoughts today and what is Freud’s place in psychotherapy and scholarly thinking. Hosts: Carina Burman and Ola Nordenfors. Organiser: Kulturkommittén för konst – läkekonst and Uppsala University Hospital with support from Upsala nya tidning.


The Botanical Gardens, Villavägen 6

10:00–12:00 Qigong in the Botanical Gardens, by the pond next to Linneanum
Experience the Qigong Biyun method, medical qigong. 10:00 for pensioners, 10:30 for all ages and 11:00 for youngsters and young adults. Organiser: Biyunföreningen gröna draken

12:00–15:00 Okinawa Te, in front of Linneanum
Come and meet the masters Sensei Iryo and Team Tendokai, demonstrating some of the most common exercises of Okinawa Te.

12:00–16:00 Naginata – Japanese martial arts, on the lawn north of Linneanum
A demonstration of naginata – a modern Japanese sport. The weapon with the same name is a sword on a long pole, which is a traditional weapon and a symbol for fighting women. Organiser: KFUM Uppsala Naginata

12:00–17:00 Kyudo – Japanese archery, on the lawn in front of Linneanum, facing the Castle
Ceremonial Japanese archery, conveying harmony and beauty. A display of exactness, serenity and precision. Organiser: Issha Kyudo Kai – Uppsala kyudoklubb

14:00–16:30 Display of Japanese martial arts, by the pond next to Linneanum
Displays of various traditional Japanese martial arts. Organiser: Budohuset i Uppsala

16:00–16:45 Die Nacht performed by Korgossarna, in the Linneanum courtyard
Västgöta nation’s male choir Korgossarna performing their accolades to the evening and the night, led by Rebecka Gustafsson.

17:00–18:00 Classical music performed by the Royal Academic Orchestra, Linnésalen, Linneanum
The Royal Academic Orchestra perform music by Mozart and Hillborg. Soloists: Teho Hillborg and Marie Johansson. Organised by the Botanical Gardens, Musicum and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS)

18:00–18:30 Lecture by Marie-Christine Skuncke: Carl Peter Thunberg, Japan och Linneanum (Swedish) in Thunbergssalen, Linneanum
Organised by the Botanical Gardens, Musicum and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS).

21:00–21:30 Fire show in front of Linneanum
Fascinating fire art performed by pupils from Uppsala Waldorfskola. Organised by Uppsala Waldorfskola


The Botanical Gardens, Villavägen 8

11:00–19:00 Green and sweet at Café Victoria
The menu of the day is full of green and sweet things, with inspiration from our garden.

11:00–20:00 Sounds of the rainforest in the tropical greenhouse
Listen to the sounds of the rainforest and enjoy the warmth of the tropical greenhouse. If you are lucky, you might get to see the giant water lily open. Admission: SEK 50.


The Museum of Evolution, Norbyvägen 22

18:00–22:00 Culture Night: Pantheon
Venus clams, apollo butterflies and the marine worm Aphrodita. We show plants and animals named after mythological creatures.


The University Library Carolina Rediviva, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 1

09:00–19:00 Open library and exhibition hall
Viewings at 11:00 (for families), 13:00 and 15:00 of reading halls, the Linnaeus room and the beautiful Boksalen. Tickets can be collected from 10:30 at the reception desk. The café is open 10:00 to 16:30.

14:00 KABOOM!! Comic books – fun, cult or culture? The magazine reading hall
An exhibition showing comics, graphic novels and related materials from Uppsala University Library’s collections. Guided viewing at 15:30.

18:30–19:00 Femina moderna. Performance and album release with Allmänna sången, A-salen
Allmänna sången give a few sound bites from their new release Femina moderna. Femina moderna is part of Allmänna sången’s strive to discover new, good music and to spread it to a broader audience and make the Swedish music scene more diverse.


The Dag Hammarskjöld and Law Library, Slottsgränd 3

14:00–18:00 At the centre of world events
The Dag Hammarskjöld and Law Library show their new premises in the Regnellianum building and offer a programme about Dag Hammarskjöld and the UN’s work. Talks, viewings, exhibitions and film showings.

15:00–15:45 Saving the world – and oneself (Swedish)
Dag Hammarskjöld’s journey from Uppsala Castle to the UN headquarters in New York, presented by Dagens nyheter’s editorial writer Henrik Berggren.

16:00–16:45 A necessary evil? The UN Security Council veto (Swedish)
Talk by Daniel Kjellén from the organisation The Challenge Group with the campaign Stop Illegitimate Vetoes.

17:00–17:45 The Hammarskjöld Commission’s review of evidence regarding Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld’s death (Swedish)
Talk by Hans Corell, former judge of the Swedish Court of Appeal, Chief Legal Officer of the Swedish Ministry of Justice, and Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations.


Gamla torget

10:00–17:00 Geology day
The Department of Earth Sciences and the Museum of Evolution celebrate Geology day. Are you curious about the forces of nature, fossils, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate, water, ice or the shapes of the landscape? Then you should visit us at Gamla torget on Uppsala Culture Night. There might even be a volcanic eruption during the afternoon.


Linnaeus’s Hammarby

11:00–17:00 Open day
Linnaeus’s Hammarby is one of Sweden’s best kept cultural sites from the 18th century. Viewings at 11:30 (Swedish), 12:30 (English), 14:30 (Swedish) and 15:30 (Swedish). Admission: SEK 80.


The Linnaeus Garden, Svartbäcksgatan 27

11:00–21:00 Open day
Guided viewings of the plants that Linnaeus grew in his garden. Learn more about the garden’s history. Viewings at 11:30 (Swedish) , 13:30 (Swedish) , 14:30 (English) and 15:30 (Swedish).

18:00 Linné-kul-tur (Swedish)
Viewing of the plants you don't normally discover in Linnaeus’s garden. Interesting stories about the plants, Linnaeus and the garden itself.

11:00–21:00 Open day with the family Linnaeus, in the Linnaeus Museum
Come inside Linnaeus’s home, which was used for both research, teaching and living. Objects, furniture, wallpaper and portraits tell the story of Linnaeus and his time. Limited number of place.

12:00–21:15 Activities in the orangery
12:00–14:00 Origami for both young and old

14:00–16:00 Try on Japanese summer kimonos, Yukata. For young and old. Admission: SEK 20.

14:00–16:00 Learn how to make green matcha tea
Four workshops with room for five participants per session. Admission: SEK 20. Organiser: Uppsala japanska förening in collaboration with the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala.

16:15–16:45 Japanese taiko drums
Taiko Shin Kai offer drum workshops and a performance. Organised by Taiko Shin Kai

17:00–17:30 An Uppsala Journey
The choir Angel Voices together with soloist Rolf Eidem and his band set out on a journey in the spirit of Linnaeus, picking rare hebs from international and local soils. Organised by Studiefrämjandet

17:45–18:15 Oriental dance show
Team Oriental offer a colourful, glittering dance show.

18:30–19:00 Fyra vindar
An Uppsala choir performing a modern selection including both Swedish and foreign songs. Organised by Fyra vindar in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet.

19:15–19:45 Dikter ur livet (Swedish)
Words and poetry about life’s darker moments, when life isn’t worth living. About sorrow and regaining the will to live. Organised by SPES, Suicide Zero in collaboration with Sensus, Balans, Hjärnkoll, the Church of Sweden in Uppsala and Uppsala Public Library.

20:00–20:30 Menuett, maggot and bourrée
Dancing group Barnicula show couple dancing from the 18th century. Organised by Sällskapet Gustafs skål - Dansgruppen Branicula.

20:45–21:15 The Swedish Chefs
Singer/songwriters from Uppsala. Organised by Martin Nordstedt.


The Museum of Medical History, Eva Legerwalls väg 8

15:00–18:00 Open day
Free admission to our large museum for body and mind.


Museum Gustavianum, Akademigatan 3

11:00–22:00 The world in our collections
Archaeologists and art historians look for traces of different cultural meetings in the historical collections of Gustavianum. Exhibition viewings on the hour in both Swedish and English from 11:00 to 17:00. Activities for the whole family in Swedish and English during the afternoon.

18:00 The world economy in Iron-Age ship burials (Swedish)
From Frankish glass to Chinese silk and arctic walruses. Archaeologist John Ljungkvist, Uppsala University.

19:00 Asine, Uppsala and the world (Swedish)
About an archaeological collection from Greece. Ancient historian Gullög Nordqvist, Uppsala University

20:00 How can the whole world fit in a cabinet? (Swedish)
Art historian Greger Sundin, Uppsala University

21:00 This year’s Disa Award recipient gives a talk on a secret topic


Musicum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 4

17:00–18:00 Allsång med Gluntar
Everyone can take part! Organised by Glunt-akademin

19:00–20:15 Jazz Piano Magic
Ulf Johansson Werre recites the history of jazz using a grand piano and his voice, and answers questions from the audience.



Studentbokhandeln, Sysslomansgatan 7

19:30 The 2016 Disa Award is announced (Swedish)
Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson confers this year’s Disa Award, founded by Uppsala University and Studentbokhandeln. A talk by this years recipient will be given at 21:00 at Museum Gustavianum.


The University Main Building and Uppsala University’s Coin Cabinet are not hosting any events this year due to ongoing renovations.



Coordinator for Uppsala University’s Culture Night events is Kristina Melin.