Student Health Center to become part of Uppsala University

9 September 2016

The twelve staff who work at the Student Health Center, which becomes part of Uppsala University on 1 October.

From 1 October, Uppsala’s Student Health Center will become part of Uppsala University. For students, the only change will be that visits become free of charge.

The whole Student Health Center will become integrated with the University as a unit within the Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division at the University Administration.

‘The Student Health Center will continue working primarily with preventive study-related health care, such as stress management, individual counselling sessions and advice, says Eva Söderman, Acting Director of the Student Health Center.

For the staff, the transition can involve some changes when they start working for a new employer.

The Student Health Center in Uppsala also offers physical activities as part of its preventive student health care. But in order to continue offering these activities to students, the University needs to be able to charge for membership cards. The University has applied for permission to do so with the Ministry of Education and Research, but is currently waiting for a reply on the matter.