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Student life in Uppsala and Visby

Studying is important - as is life outside of your studies. Uppsala University has four student unions and 13 nations who will work to make your time as a student as good as possible.

Health and fitness

Student fitness

Read about where you can exercise in Uppsala and Gotland!

As a student you can visit the Student Health Centre with any study related health issues. Campus 1477, the Student Health Centre's fitness section in Uppsala, operates two large training facilities at the university campus areas. Read more about health and fitness in Uppsala.

Students in Visby have access to a range of sporting activities. Read more about health and fitness on Gotland.

Register at the student unions and nations

If you would like to become a member of Uppsala Student Union, the Pharmaceutical Student Association, Gotland's Student Union Rindi or the student nations in Uppsala you can register online at Sign up to be a member of the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN) on their webpage.

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Student organisations

Along with the student nations there are a wide range of student organisations to get involved in.


Campus Areas

Learn more about Uppsala University’s campus areas in this interactive map of Uppsala and Visby.

Your campus is your workplace during your studies. Here students, researchers and teachers are able to meet in cafés, parks and libraries. To gain access to some campus buildings you will need a campus card.