Erasmus traineeship

The Erasmus programme provides grants for traineeships at companies, organisations and universities in Europe. You can also use an Erasmus traineeship grant to finance data collection abroad for a thesis/degree project (at Bachelor’s or Master’s level). Here you can read more about how to apply for a grant and the rules that apply.  

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To apply for an Erasmus traineeship, you must meet the following conditions

  • You must be a student intending to take a degree at Bachelor’s (first-cycle), Master’s (second-cycle) or doctoral (third-cycle) level at Uppsala University.
  • You must have completed at least 60 credits of university studies.
  • You must be enrolled at Uppsala University at the time you apply. If you are travelling to take up a traineeship after your degree, you must submit the application before the final course in your degree programme has been registered as completed.
  • You must have arranged a traineeship that has been approved by your department (it must be relevant for your education and future career) in one of the 33 countries in the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • The organisation at which you carry out the traineeship must be approved. Read more about this in stage 2 of the application guide.
  • The traineeship must be full-time and last for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 360 days.
  • If the traineeship takes place in your home country it must generate credits.

Extra application round August 1-15
Open to trainees who start their traineeship end of August – beginning of October
Next ordinary application round September 1-15

The scholarship

Scholarship levels for traineeships completed before 31 May 2018


National amount (€/month) (30 days)

National amount (€/day)
Group 1* 525  17.50
Group 2* 465 15.50

Scholarship levels for traineeships completed after 31 May 2018

Country National amount (€/month) (30 days) National amount (€/day)
Group 1*  615  20.50
Group 2* 510 17

*Group 1, program countries with higher living costs:
Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, the UK
Group 2, program countries with lower living costs:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey 


Trainees who are registered on an internship course or degree project in Uppdok are insured through Kammarkollegiet's Student UT insurance. Trainees who are taking on a traineeship outside of their ordinary study program are covered by Kammarkollegiet's Student UT Samling insurance.

Erasmus traineeship application guide

The application for Erasmus Traineeship is open five times per academic year.

1-15 September
1-15 November
1-15 January
1-15 March                                         1-15 May

During these application periods you will find the link to the online application on this page.