2. Finding a traineeship

You yourself are responsible for finding a suitable traineeship place before you apply for a grant. Your department might be able to help you through contacts via research collaborations, networks or exchange agreements. Of course you can also get in touch with a company or an organisation that you are interested in. Large companies and organisations often advertise ‘Internships/Traineeships/Student Projects’ on their websites, and there are numerous databases you can use. For example, you can look for internship opportunities at studera.nu, erasmusintern.org, Go Overseas, Praxis and Erasmus Internships & Placements.

There are a few organisations that are not approved for the Erasmus Traineeship scheme:

  • EU institutions and other EU agencies. Note also the information provided by the EU about ‘specialised agencies’. (The political parties’ secretariats at the European Parliament do not count as part of the Parliament and are therefore eligible hosts.)
  • Organisations handling EU programmes, for example national offices like the Swedish Council for Higher Education or international secretariats at universities (this is to avoid possible conflicts of interest and/or double financing).
  • Universities that are mainly financed by EU funds, for example the European University Institute (Italy) and the College of Europe (Belgium and Poland).