Apply for an Erasmus scholarship

Before applying for an Erasmus scholarship, you should apply for an Erasmus exchange through your department or the International Office at Uppsala University. If you are nominated for a seat, you can apply for an Erasmus scholarship.

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Learning agreement and credit transfer

While on an Erasmus exchange you are expected to study on a full-time basis. Your studies will be conducted on the same terms as students studying at the host university. You will have your credits transferred and counted towards your Swedish education, provided you have successfully completed your course work.

A Learning Agreement, with an annex, should be filled out and signed by you, your exchange coordinator at Uppsala University and the exchange coordinator at your host university (see Important documents below).

The language of instruction is most often the official language of the host country or English. Taking part in the Erasmus programme will not only give you the opportunity to learn a new language, but will also expose you to a new culture and and enable you to meet lots of new friends. 

Erasmus scholarship

The scholarship is  meant to cover extra expenses resulting from your stay abroad, and is not a full-coverage scholarship. The size of the scholarship varies from year to year. It is calculated based on a daily sum and is the same for all Swedish university students.

In the first payment at the start of your time abroad, you will receive 70% of the entire scholarship amount for the study period specified in your scholarship application. Students going on an exchange during a full year will receive the grant in two such payments, one for each semester. Prior to the first payment you are to take a first language test. When you have finished your studies you will be requested to send in a form that confirms the dates of your study period, your Learning Agreement, your second language test and an Erasmus participant report. Once you have submitted these documents you will receive the remaining 30% of your scholarship.

Country National level of grant (€/month) (30 days) National level of grant (€/day)

Group 1. Programme Countries with higher living costs:

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, United Kingdom

420 14

Group 2. Programme Countries with lower living costs:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

360 12


All students who take part in exchange studies through an exchange agreement, and are registered in Uppdok, are insured by Swedish state insurance called Student UT.


International Office at Uppsala University

Application for Erasmus Scholarship


  • For studies that begin in autumn: 1 May – 31 May
  • For studies that begin in spring: 1 November – 30 November

The application for the grant for studies during autumn 2018 is now closed.

Important documents


Before the exchange

  1. Apply for an Erasmus exchange through a department or the International Office.
  2. Complete the Learning Agreement and apply to the host university.
  3. Apply for the scholarship online. Do not forget to upload the Grant Agreement.

After the exchange

  1. Upload your Certificate of Attendance and Learning Agreement to your profile in Moveon.
  2. Submit the Erasmus Participant Report that is sent to you after the last day of your study period.
  3. Take your second language test. Please note that if you scored C2 on your first test, you are exempt from taking the second test.

Frequently Asked Questions About Erasmus Scholarship

Who is my contact person? 
Your coordinator at your department (or the International Office) is your main contact person throughout the exchange. If you have questions regarding your exchange, e.g. questions about your courses, insurance or prolonging your studies, please get in touch with your coordinator.

Questions regarding the scholarship should be sent to the Erasmus administrator at the International Office:

Is it possible to prolong the exchange?
Usually it is possible to extend your study period, provided the maximum number of places for the year at your host university have not been filled, and you do not exceed the maximum number of months (12) for your study cycle. However, you are not guaranteed a scholarship for the extra time. If you wish to prolong your Erasmus studies, please contact your coordinator and send an email to

What happens if I shorten my study period or return to Sweden earlier than planned?
If the actual study period is shorter than the period you stated in your scholarship application, you will be liable to pay back the excess part of the scholarship. This will be calculated when you hand in your Certificate of Attendance that your host university has to sign at the end of the study period. If you leave your exchange before the minimum three months have passed you will be required to return the full scholarship. Contact us at if this is the case.

What is meant by study period?
The study period is the time when you are studying at the host university in the host country. Distance studies cannot be included in the study period. Full terms can be found in the Certificate of Attendance and the scholarship application.

When will I get my money?
As long as you have submitted a complete and correct scholarship application the first installment will be paid to your bank account around the start of your study period. Most students will get the payment in September, for studies in the autumn, and in February for studies in the spring . It is not possible to give an exact date when you will receive the money since it takes different amounts of time to transfer between different banks

Is it possible to participate in Erasmus more than once?
Yes, you can go as many times as you like (given that you get a place) and to as many universities as you wish as long as it does not exceed a total of 12 months within each study cycle (Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D.). An Erasmus Traineeship is counted towards the same 12 months. The minimum period of time abroad is three consecutive months for studies and two consecutive months for traineeships. If you have participated in Erasmus previously, through Uppsala University or any other European University, this is counted towards the 12 months provided you are in the same study cycle.