Tips for Traineeships Abroad

Erasmus Programme
The Erasmus Programme is a European exchange programme that gives you the opportunity to spend several months doing a traineeship in Europe. On the following website you can find available traineeships at European companies and organisations:

Minor Field Study (MFS)
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, has an MFS programme for those of you who wish to undertake groundwork for a thesis or project in a developing country. Every year the Swedish Council for Higher Education publishes a list of the departments at Uppsala University that you can turn to if you wish to apply for a MFS scholarship.

Sida’s Travel Scholarship
The travel scholarship is intended for students and recent graduates of higher education institutions who have secured a traineeship at an international organisation, such as the United Nations or European Union, which they will not receive payment for.   

Swedish Institute
The Swedish Institute offers a number of scholarships and grants for different types of international projects, such as collaborative projects with the Baltic Sea region.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a non-profit organisation that negotiates traineeships along with the required financial support for students of the technical and natural sciences.

AIESEC, the student-driven organisation negotiates traineeships at companies around the world.

Vulcanus in Japan
The European Union’s Japan Centre in Tokyo collaborates with Japanese companies to arrange traineeships and language studies in Japan. The programme is directed towards citizens of a country within the European Union who have completed at least three years of study within the technical and natural sciences.

Global Placement