Step 5 - Before, during and after

Before the start of the Summer Course

If you are nominated to one of our partners for their Summer Course you will be contacted by one of our officers in order to prepare a new application. If your course is subject to a scholarship our officer will provide you with information about the necessary application process.

Make sure are in contact with your host university for practical matters such as housing, admissions and arrival details.

During the course

Make sure that you are aware of where to turn in case of emergency. Your insurance, Student UT, includes an emergency service. Please find the contact details here.

Also make sure to save information about the course syllabus, content, examination process etc. This is useful if you wish to account for the credits in your degree.

After the course

Make sure you receive a certificate of completion of the course with a grade. This is provided by the hosting university. This is also necessary in order to apply for inclusion of the course in your degree from Uppsala University.

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