Student Volunteer in Uppsala

Everyone wants to make a difference. One of the University’s goals is to contribute to a better world, but how can we do so? With the project Student Volunteer in Uppsala, the University wants to make it easier for students to involve themselves in charitable work during their studies. The project is a platform to find volunteer assignments in Uppsala.

The project is based on the following assumptions:

  • that volunteer assignments are voluntary, freely chosen, unpaid duties performed alongside one’s regular studies.
  • that volunteer assignments contribute to students’ commitment to social issues during their university studies, which is important not least in the transition from studies to work.
  • that volunteer assignments during one’s studies provide an opportunity to develop interests, expertise and network in a broader range of situations and settings.
  • the involvement in non-profit organisations can have a positive impact on students’ well-being.

Student Volunteer in Uppsala is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Volontärbyrån i Uppsala, the Volunteer Office in Uppsala. Non-profit organisations register assignments at the Volunteer Office's portal whenever the need for volunteers arises.

Think globally, act locally – together we create a better world!


  • Visit Student Volunteer in Uppsala.
  • Browse the volunteer assignments in different fields and at different organisations.
  • Fill out an application form for the assignments that interest you directly in the portal.
  • Your application will be sent directly to the organisation which then will contact you.

Find volunteer assignments

Can’t find a suitable assignment? Just opt to be notified by email when a position of your preferred type is available.

The Volunteer Office examines organisations that register assignments based on certain criteria. For instance, the operations must be non-profit and protect democratic rights and freedoms.

Volunteer fair - how can you help?

Get insight into public, social, charity and not-for-profit sectors in Uppsala. Welcome to a volunteer fair, Tuesday 5 February, 11.30-13.30 at Blåsenhus.



Emily Coe-Björsell has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and development studies and is currently taking a course in sustainable development. When she discussed her CV with a study and career counsellor, they got on the topic of charity work. Her study counsellor suggested she look into the volunteer organisation ‘Volontärbyrån’, where she found the opportunity to work at the Fair Trade Shop ’Globalen‘ in Uppsala.

“I work in the shop a few hours a week and I’m also a member of the board of the Fair Trade Shop and part of the marketing group where I'm the event manager. We plan and take part in various events, for example, we participated in a big fair this autumn, Fair Trade Forum, where we sold products from the shop and informed about fair trade.”

Volunteer work means doing something good for yourself and for others, Emily says.

“It’s great to work as a volunteer. You get the chance to do something extraordinary, learn new things, meet people and take responsibility. At the same time, you do good for other people.”

“You should also consider that getting involved requires a lot of time and energy, so you should not take on too much. But it's something I really recommend others to do, as you get so much in return.”

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Mauritz is studying for a double degree in Chinese and social and economic geography. Alongside his studies, he is involved in several different volunteer projects and organisations. Notably, he is vice president of the United Nations Association Uppsala and a board member of the European Youth Parliament Uppsala.

“I believe in holistic solutions and want to know more about different relationships between local and global processes and I have a special interest in issues concerning global governance. Organizations like the UN are therefore very interesting to me. In my volunteer work, I’m project manager and coordinate various groups. I try to act locally but think globally with a particular focus on creating platforms for others to get involved.”

Juan Carlos says that for young students there are two main arguments for volunteer work:

“Today, everyone has a degree – but by showing that you have done something extra, in addition to your university degree, you stand out and have a greater chance of getting a job. Above all, you work hands-on with implementation, and hopefully at the same time find what you think is most rewarding to work with.”

“The social value of voluntary work is important to me. As a citizen in a democratic society I consider it my duty,” Juan Carlos continues. “The important thing is that you follow your interests and do what you believe in and are passionate about.”