Your Rights

What applies to your work and study as a student? What makes it equal? And what can I do if I feel that I have been subjected to discrimination, harassment or victimization?

At Uppsala University, there is zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and victimization. For us it is important that all students are part of the educational community. Within the university, we are working actively and intensively on equal terms the issues and an important task is to ensure that our rules, norms and routines reflect an attitude that is characterized by respect for students' and employees' different condition.

Who can I turn to?

Work related injuries and incidents

An occupational injury can be an accident at work, a travel accident, a occupational disease and an infection. A physical incident is an event that could lead to a physical injury or accident. A psycho-social incident can involve situations of abusive acts.

For those who have been injured, it is important that there is a notification of the Insurance Agency, "Försäkringskassan", and The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, "Kammarkollegiet". Registration is also a means for the University to improve the working environment.

Försäkringskassan - insurance claim
Kammarkollegiet - insurance claim

Security and crisis

The university activities shall work and provide a safe environment for students. The employee portal provides detailed information about safety on campus. The university also has an emergency organization and emergency preparedness.

Where to turn in acute crisis