Terms and conditions for Uppsala University Alumni Network

For whom?
The Uppsala University Alumni Network is a global network for former students and staff and a forum for career development and professional matchmaking. The purpose of the network is to facilitate and promote contacts between alumni, staff and students at Uppsala University. The Alumni Network is for everyone who has studied or worked at Uppsala University. Our honorary doctors, visiting researchers, board members and other friends of the University are also welcome to join the network.

We need to know more about you
We would like to know more about you, your professional life, your time at Uppsala University, and how you would like to keep in touch with us. By filling in the details in your personal profile, you make it possible for us to keep in touch with you and you can benefit from the advantages that the Alumni Network offers. The data are stored in the University’s alumni system.

Processing of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
A request for consent will be sent by 28 February 2019 to alumni who have registered in the Alumni Network before 18 May 2018. This request will be sent in conjunction with the implementation of Uppsala University’s new alumni system. If you register in the Alumni Network after 18 May, you will have given your consent as required by the GDPR and will not receive a further request for consent. It is important that you update your email address and other contact details in the Alumni Network before the end of the year so that we can be sure that our request for consent reaches you.

Who can see your data?
All alumni can see the information about your name, education, degree and when you were at the University. However, you can decide for yourself which other information other alumni will be able to see. As a state authority, Uppsala University is subject to the principle of public access to official documents and is obliged to release information in certain cases. You have the right to find out at any time what information about you is in the system.

Personal identity number
As we have so many alumni, we need your personal identity number for secure identification when we check that you are a former Uppsala University student, and for automatic updating of your address via the Swedish Tax Authority’s national population register. Your personal identity number will not be visible to other alumni.

To ensure that Uppsala University Alumni Network can offer an enjoyable service, all users must comply with good internet ethics. We reserve the right to suspend members who do not follow these guidelines or otherwise misuse the website. Use of the Alumni Network for recruitment or advertising purposes is not allowed. We also reserve the right to remove any offensive or discriminatory material that is posted.

If you have any queries about the Alumni Network, you are welcome to contact us by telephone on+46-(0)18-471 30 33, email at info@alumni.uu.se or letter to:

Uppsala University
Development Office
Box 256
SE-751 05 Uppsala

Other information

Uppsala University’s Swedish corporate ID number is: 202100-2932.
Telephone (switchboard): +36-(0)18-471 00 00.