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The Uppsala University US Alumni Chapter is the US division of the University’s Alumni Network. The chapter aims to create and maintain a strong relationship between the University and its alumni located in the United States. Alumni, former staff, researchers as well as friends and supporters of the University, are all welcome to become a part of the UU US Alumni Chapter and receive news of events, university-related activities and to connect with other alumni. Becoming a member of the chapter is completely free.

The US Alumni Chapter was founded in New York in 2012, in connection with the inauguration of the Uppsala University Scholarship in New York. New York is base for the chapter’s board of directors. The chapter has since its foundation hosted between two to four events each year, among them the popular annual meeting and gasque.

The US Alumni Chapter has two regional sub-chapters; Minnesota and the West Coast, in addition to the main chapter located in New York City. Each sub-chapter connects alumni in the surrounding areas by organizing several events and activities every year. If you are interested in setting up a sub-chapter in your area, please contact the US alumni representative: usalumni@uadm.uu.se.

The West Coast Chapter was the first US sub-chapter, created in 2013. It organizes activities and events for alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cultivating relationships with incoming and outgoing students and alumni in connection with Uppsala University’s exchange program with the University of California is one of the primary focuses for the West Coast Chapter. 

The Minnesota sub-chapter was created in 2014 to connect the growing number of alumni studying and working in Minnesota. The Minnesota sub-chapter has its headquarters in Minneapolis, the US sister city to Uppsala. Uppsala University and Minnesota Law School have a fruitful exchange program, allowing many Swedish and American students the opportunity to become Uppsala University alumni.

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Uppsala University US Alumni Chapter members are alumni, researchers, former employees, honorary doctorates and supporters of the University, currently or permanently residing in the United States. It is free to be a part of the alumni chapter.

To become a member of the chapter, start by registering in the University’s Alumni Network. Please also join our LinkedIn group and/or our Facebook group as well to stay updated on current events and activities taking place in the United States.

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The US Alumni Chapter is affiliated with American Friends of Uppsala University, a non-profit corporation that supports research and education at Uppsala University. Contributions to American Friends of Uppsala University are deductible by donors as provided by law.

To read more about the many different ways of contributing to your University, please visit American Friends of Uppsala University.

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The US Alumni Chapter organizes several events per year in New York City, Minneapolis and the San Francisco Bay Area. These events provide a great setting for networking and reconnecting with friends and find new acquaintances.

Each regional chapter in the US organizes at least two alumni events each year. Recurring events are gasques, speaker events and Valborg celebrations.

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Feel free to direct any questions you may have about the US Alumni Chapter or our activities to usalumni@uadm.uu.se.