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Student nations join Uppsala University’s Alumni Network

25 March 2013

One year ago Uppsala University and Uppsala’s student nations started working together around alumni activities. The purpose was to lay the foundations for extended and improved alumni activities at the nations and the University. Now all student nations have joined Uppsala University’s Alumni Network.

“The Alumni Network is a very good way for previous students to stay in touch with their student nation”, says project coordinator Tove Leire. “The nations and associations will now publish news and events in the Alumni Network on the web.”

Several of the student nations will now display their senior, compatriot and alumni associations as subgroups in the Alumni Network. Members of the Alumni Network who have previously stated involvement in one of the nations will automatically be added to their nation’s group in the Alumni Network.

Currently, the student nations together have around 2,500 members in the Alumni Network.

“For those who haven't alreay, it is very easy to join”, says Tove Leire. “Just visit the Alumni Network online and register.”