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Alumni invited to Gotland

12 June 2013

All Uppsala University alumni are welcome to a reception at Uppsala University Campus Gotland the 1 July.

The 1 July this year, Gotland University and Uppsala University will join forces. After the 1 July, previous students of Gotland University are welcome to become members of Uppsala University’s Alumni Network.

To celebrate the merging, an alumni reception will be held 3 July, 17.00–19.00 at Studentcentrum, Uppsala University Campus Gotland, on Cramérgatan 3 in Visby.

Join us at the reception!

Come and mingle with old student friends and forge new contacts with other alumni from Uppsala and Gotland. We will serve drinks and a light snack, and give information about the merging and the Alumni Network. (The reception will be held in Swedish.)

As a member of the Alumni Network you are part of a global, social and professional network with over 17,000 members across the world.

Alumni is latin meaning disciple or protégé. The word originates from “alere” which means to raise or foster. Today the word is used as a synonym for previous student.

If you are interested in coming, please contact Sarah Havrén Schütz.