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Many took part in the Campus Gotland Alumni Reception

11 July 2013

More than 100 alumni from Gotland and Uppsala visited the first ever alumni reception at Campus Gotland. Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson and Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson were both there to welcome everyone.

“The idea behind the merger is that Campus Gotland is to be an integral part of Uppsala University, but at the same time we want to safeguard the advantages of the location and make use of and further develop the prerequisits here on the island of Gotland. It is our hope that Campus Gotland with its specific role within liberal arts education and web-based learning shall become a platform that will benefit our entire university”, Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson said in her welcoming speech.

During the evening, Gotland quartet Lillåkrekvartetten played and Lars Magnusson, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, spoke about the initiative “Friends of Campus Gotland”. If you want to know more about how you can support Uppsala University, have a look at