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Friends of Uppsala University establish new scholarship

15 January 2014

The Friends of Uppsala University Foundation have decided to fund a scholarship for an international Master’s student from a non-EU country.

“It feels really good to be able to offer an international top-level student the opportunity to come to Uppsala”, says Lena Marcusson, chairman of the Friends of Uppsala University.

When Sweden introduced tuition fees for students from non-EU countries, Uppsala University and other Swedish universities lost almost 80 per cent of their international students.

“By taking the initiative to offer a student from a country outside the EU a scholarship, the Friends of Uppsala University are showing how important it is to get more of these students back”, says Lena Marcusson.

The recipient of the scholarship will be announced at a later date. The scholarship holder will, during his or her time in Uppsala, be invited to meet the Friends of Uppsala University.

“It is important for Uppsala University to get more international students coming to Uppsala University and that we build long-lasting relationships with them when they become alumni and return to their home countries. This makes the initiative from the Friends of Uppsala University a very welcome one”, says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.


Tuition fees have been in force since the autumn 2011 for so-called free-mover students from countries outside EU/EES and Switzerland.

The Friends of Uppsala University foundation today consists of roughly 60 dedicated people who want to contribute actively to carrying out important projects at the University. We welcome many more members to join!