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Ulrika Berg new scholarship holder in New York

11 February 2014

Ulrika Berg will become a central figure of the Uppsala University Alumni Chapter based in New York.

She has just finished her Bachelor’s degree. At the same time she has organised Kontaktdagarna at Ekonomikum in Uppsala – a career fair with over 70 exhibitors. Now she is off to New York and the Swedish–American Chamber of Commerce for a one year scholarship.

22 year-old Ulrika Berg is the third Uppsala student to receive the scholarship which consists of a one year employment at the Swedish–American Chamber of Commerce, funded by the American Friends of Uppsala University. She will supersede Jonas Nilsson who has held the post since the beginning of 2013.

“I was invited there for a week in December to receive the scholarship at a gala, and got the chance to meet Jonas and have a short introduction”, she says.

Her job will consist of 75 per cent work with communication for the chamber of commerce and 25 per cent work with the Uppsala University Alumni Chapter based in New York. For the alumni chapter her work will mainly involve organising different events for alumni and guests.

“I look forward to meeting a lot of interesting people and learning a lot about communication from an international perspective. To work in the US and getting to experience the difference between Swedish and American business culture.”

Through Ulrika Berg, employees at Uppsala University can get access to the vast network of contacts that the chamber of commerce in New York has at its disposal, as well as the network of alumni which is established there since a few years now.

To Ulrika Berg, New York is far from a new acquaintance. She has previously studied public relations for two years at the Long Island University, just an hours trip away from Manhattan.

“It will be great fun to return to New York and experience the city.”

Is there anything you won’t be looking forward to?
“Well, that would be leaving my family and friends behind, and leaving Uppsala. Mixed emotions there. And there will be a lot of work to do, but it will be developing. And in the end I know I will be returning to Uppsala.”