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Successful alumni reception in Brussels

19 March 2015

Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson and Anna Maria Corazza Bildt at the alumni event in Brussels.

On Monday 16 March, Uppsala University hosted an alumni reception at the Leopold Hotel in Brussels. Some 50 guests – former students, a few honorary doctors, and other friends of the university – gathered for a pleasant and relaxed event.

The reception has part of the management council’s visit to Brussels, where they met with representatives of a number of different EU organisations, among others.

The Vice-Chancellor gave a short welcoming, followed by the three vice-rectors who each gave presentations of the latest developments in their respective academic fields.

Apart from a buffet-style dinner, the reception offered many new connections and happy reunions.

The event was a good occasion to spread the word about Uppsala University’s Alumni Network, and many of the guests chose to sign up on the spot.

Uppsala University has plans to launch alumni activities in Brussels. Established alumni chapters already exist in the US, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the UK.