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New, improved Alumni Network website

4 May 2015

We have now switched the technical platform behind Uppsala University’s Alumni Network. The new website has better functionality than the old one, but to be able to sign in you first need to set a new password.

Before you sign in to the new Alumni Network website you must set a new password by following these steps:

  1. Click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login page
  2. Enter your e-mail address and chose the corresponding option from the dropdown menu
  3. Click ‘Reset password’
  4. A new password will be sent to your e-mail address

The system behind the new Alumni Network website is jointly developed by several Swedish universities. One important new feature is the ability to connect your Alumni Network profile to your LinkedIn account. This allows you to easily import your career details, such as your current place of work, from LinkedIn to the Alumni Network, as well as signing in to the Alumni Network with your LinkedIn account.

If you want to be able to sign in with your LinkedIn account you must first enable the connection from your Alumni Network account, under ‘Edit profile’.


If you have forgotten your username or have questions about the new system, please send an e-mail to