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Full house for Professor Henrik Williams’ lecture in Minneapolis

17 April 2015

Some 180 people turned up for the runology lecture given by Professor Henrik Williams in Minneapolis.

As part of his Runic Tour 2015, Professor of Scandinavian Languages Henrik Williams held a lecture titled ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll in Runic Times’ at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis on Wednesday, 15 April. No less than 180 guests turned up to listen to his talk.

In his lecture, Henrik Williams mentioned the many different aspects of human life spelled out in runes, including the perhaps unexpected phenomena mentioned in the lecture title.

The lecture is part of the Runic Tour 2015 which includes lectures in a large number of different US cities, including upcoming stops at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago and a repeat visit to the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis for a full day of lectures. The full list of places and dates can be found here.

Henrik Williams holds the professorship in Scandinavian Languages at Uppsala University. He is primarily a philologist, teaching and doing research in runology, Old Swedish, and Old Icelandic. Professor Williams has authored numerous scholarly papers in both Swedish and English and published a variety of pieces including a book on the language in Viking age Swedish runes stones, an edition of the Old Swedish romance Haerra Ivan and major articles on the conversion of Sweden. Recently, he was awarded the Rudbeck medal for his ground-breaking work in runology.

The Runic Tour 2015 has been organized in collaboration between the American Association for Runic Studies, Uppsala University and American Friends of Uppsala University.