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‘Great potential in Hong Kong’

16 December 2015

Anna Reibring is Uppsala University’s first scholarship student in Hong Kong. Since her arrival at the start of the year, her mission has been to establish and develop Uppsala University’s alumni network in the city.

In Hong Kong, Anna Reibring works for both Uppsala University and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, with duties that include organising receptions and activities for Swedish companies and organisations.

‘Working with the Chamber of Commerce’s receptions and activities has been really helpful in my work to establish the alumni chapter,’ says Anna. ‘I’ve met lots of alumni and also use networks like LinkedIn to contact and invite potential members into the network.’

Anna studied business administration at Uppsala University and was an exchange student in Singapore for one semester.

‘I studied leadership at Singapore Management University during the 2014 spring semester. I wanted a change of scene and to see what Asia had to offer.’

The education there was a bit different than in Uppsala. In Singapore, the classes were smaller – about 30 students – and there were strict requirements on attendance and participation in the lectures.

‘But I still have to say that the education at Uppsala is more demanding. In Singapore, the way of studying is different. You spend a lot of time in school and you work together, but you’re perhaps not always efficient.’

Singapore’s location in Southeast Asia gave Anna the opportunity to travel quite a lot, including to Hong Kong where she now lives.

‘There’s a lot happening in Hong Kong and work is fast-paced. I like that – it suits me perfectly at this time in my life.’  

In mid-November, it was time for the first board meeting with Uppsala University’s Alumni Chapter in Hong Kong.

‘It’ll be exciting to meet with all six board members together. I think there’s great potential for the university to create a long-term presence in Hong Kong.’

Anna’s scholarship term in Hong Kong will finish at the end of the year and Jesper Karlsson, Uppsala University’s next scholarship student, will take over the mission.  

‘But I’ll be staying in Hong Kong for a while longer. I’m going to start working for a company called Qhub, which helps start-ups establish businesses here in Hong Kong. Since I’d decided to stay in Hong Kong, it feels great to be staying on the board for the UUHK Chapter.’


Name: Anna Reibring

Age: 25

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration at Uppsala University

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Uppsala University Hong Kong Alumni Chapter: Officially inaugurated on 24 October 2015. At the time of writing, the Chapter had nearly 50 members.