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Alumni speaker event with Ambassador Thyberg

6 December 2017

Mikaela Westien and Charlotte Grech-Madin, presidents of the two organising alumni associations, with Ambassador Tobias Thyberg.

Tobias Thyberg, the Swedish ambassador to Kabul, Afghanistan, and also Uppsala University alumnus, took some time out of his busy schedule and stopped by Uppsala University for an alumni speaker event.

The event was held on 29 November. Ambassador Thyberg gave alumni and students an insightful briefing about the current political and military situation in Afghanistan. He talked about the current security situation and the many socio-political challenges the country faces. From his practical, “on-the-ground” perspective, the lecture covered such topics as the Taliban insurgency on the background of the new American strategy, the development of domestic policy and Sweden's engagement in the country.

Ambassador Thyberg has previously served as Deputy Representative of Sweden to the EU Political and Security Council. He has also served at embassies in New Delhi, Moscow and Washington DC and at the EU delegation in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied at the Department of Government at Uppsala University.

The alumni talk was organised by Alumnföreningen Uppsalapolitices and the Department of Peace and Conflict Research Alumni Association.