Support the Humanities Theatre

The Humanities Theatre at the English Park Campus officially opened in October 2017. It is an arena for knowledge and innovation, starting out from open conversation. The horseshoe shape of the theatre encourages dialogue. Sponsor a seat and we will put your name on a plaque on one of the seats in the theatre. Your contribution will go directly to activities at the Humanities Theatre.

Support the Library

Uppsala University Library has unique, wide-ranging and ancient collections. The Library has a responsibility to preserve its holdings for future generations and to continue to build on them by acquiring old and new material of historical and cultural interest. The Library’s cultural heritage holdings include early printed books, manuscripts, pictures, maps and musical scores. The Library has been working with friends and benefactors for over 400 years to create unique conditions for preserving, developing and spreading scholarship, knowledge and cultural heritage. Join in and support the Library

Read the column Release the collections! by Lars Burman, Chief Librarian at Uppsala University Library, on how digitisation of cultural heritage collections can lead to exciting new cutting-edge research.