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At Uppsala University education and research go hand in hand. Our education is based on research advances. The teachers at Uppsala University are also active researchers. Teachers, students and researchers meet in an international, creative environment in campus areas dedicated to specific subject areas.

Every year, Uppsala University attracts thousands of well-motivated students from Sweden and throughout the world. Students here are educated for the future, and a degree from Uppsala University is appreciated on the labour market. The nine faculties offer programmes and courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level.

Please do get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss how you would like to get involved and how your particular contribution can help us.

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Uppsala University has partnerships with some of the world’s top universities. The flows of students, teachers and researchers between foreign universities and Uppsala University play a crucial role in spreading knowledge, ideas and skills, not just within the University but in society in general. The University has exchanges with 400 universities in more than 50 countries. More and more students choose to do part of their programme abroad and in Uppsala they meet other students from all over the world. Uppsala University offers around 50 international Master’s programmes. We aim to increase the number of international Master’s students.