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Research conducted at Uppsala University helps us understand our society, makes the world a better place and makes life easier for many people – research that provides new perspectives on fundamental scientific issues and knowledge that contributes to environmental sustainability, human health and the development of society. Our complete academic environment and strong educational tradition give us the courage to try out new paths. The University champions the long-term pursuit of knowledge to add to the collective learning of humanity and contribute to global development.

Please do get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss how you would like to get involved and how your particular contribution can help us.

Campaigns in progress

In the coming years, Uppsala University will prioritise a number of areas of future importance, proceeding from internationally leading research. The priorities have emerged in dialogue with the world around us and the activities will involve collaboration with national and international actors from many sectors of society.

From Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016–2020:
Themes of recently started and planned challenge-led research initiatives

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