Support research on runes

Reading runic inscriptions is like travelling a thousand years back in time. Runestones give us the Vikings in their own words. What was the message they wanted to convey? Runes intrigue us and entice us to try to understand the people and society of that time. Old and recent finds await interpretation to reveal more about our shared history. More research is needed. What can we learn from our past? Support research on runes


The ReAct Network

Antimicrobial resistance is a borderless threat. Throughout the world, the prevalence of multidrug-resistant microbes is increasing rapidly. This can result in previously curable diseases once again becoming deadly. Support us in the fight against antibiotics resistance. Support the ReAct Network.

The Oncolytic Virus Fund

A genetically modified virus that can hunt down and kill cancer cells? With your support it could become reality. Read more about the Oncolytic Virus Fund.