Scholarship funds for foreign students

The University needs students from every part of the globe. We want the greatest talents to study and do research at Uppsala University, no matter where in the world they come from. After graduating, they become our ambassadors around the world. We have a lot to teach, but also a lot to learn from others.

In 2011 tuition fees were introduced for Master’s students from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. The objective was for Sweden to compete on the strength of educational quality, not by offering free education. However, one unwanted consequence was a sharp decrease in the number of students from non-EU countries. But there is plenty of interest. Nearly 6,500 fee-paying students applied to international Master’s programmes at Uppsala University for the 2017 autumn semester.

Uppsala University is therefore launching a drive to increase the number of scholarships for students who have to pay fees. At present, a two-year Master’s programme costs SEK 200,000 in the humanities and social sciences faculties, and nearly SEK 300,000 in the faculties of science and technology, medicine and pharmacy. On top of this, of course, students have to pay for food and accommodation, travel, etc.

Without a scholarship, it is virtually impossible for academically outstanding but financially disadvantaged students to come to Uppsala. Even a small scholarship can motivate excellent students to choose to complete their education at Uppsala University.

Join in and contribute so that more international students can come to Uppsala to study!

Please get in touch with us to learn more about how you can help.

“It’s my way of giving something back”

“It felt obvious that the donation should go to Uppsala
University. This place has given me so much,” says
John Colonias.

Thanks to a donation of USD 40,000, a new scholarship fund has been established for doctoral students at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The fund will award one scholarship per year to a research student, preferably of Greek origin. The Colonias–Jansson Foundation was launched with a donation from John Colonias, who took a PhD in physics at Uppsala University in 1980. Through the scholarship fund, he wants to help students of Greek origin like himself to complete their doctoral education at Uppsala University.

What is it like being an international Master’s student in Uppsala?

Read about two students admitted in 2017, their studies and plans for the future.

José from Mexico:“Fantastic to be in the lab”
José Ramón Bárcenas Walls, a scholarship holder from Monterrey, Mexico, is in the second semester of the Master’s Programme in Molecular Medicine. What did it feel like coming to Uppsala?

Nguyen from Vietnam: “I’m glad I chose Uppsala”
Nguyen Ha, a scholarship holder from Vietnam, is in the second semester of the Master’s Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies. Why did you choose Uppsala University specifically?